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Molecular Sciences – Vancouver, Washington
Department Molecular Sciences
Employment Type Full-Time

Director, Molecular Sciences - AbSci

AbSci is a venture-backed biotechnology company located in a state-of-the art laboratory in downtown Vancouver, WA, just minutes from Portland, OR. AbSci is a global leader in recombinant protein expression, with a technology platform enabling dramatic reductions in manufacturing costs to the biopharmaceutical industry. AbSci’s technology supports production of both novel and existing biologics, acceleration of drug discovery timelines, and increased efficiency and flexibility throughout the manufacturing process.

Job Summary

The Director will be responsible for leading the Molecular Sciences group at AbSci, reporting to the Vice President, Research and Operations, and a key member of AbSci’s scientific leadership. The person will be responsible for expanding the capabilities of AbSci’s core technologies through engineering novel changes to the SoluPro host strain and expression constructs and optimizing expression of novel proteins in partnership with industry collaborators.


  • Develop, motivate, and empower a high-performing team of scientists
  • Implement and optimize classical and cutting-edge E. coli genome editing techniques
  • Develop high-throughput workflows in support of molecular biology activities
  • Provide technical leadership and project management to advance internal company priorities and deliver measurable outcomes for industry collaborations
  • Collaborate with AbSci’s scientific leadership to innovate novel technologies and build a company culture that reflects AbSci’s core values


  • Candidates will hold a Ph.D. in the life sciences, with a focus in biochemistry, microbiology or molecular biology
  • Minimum of 6 years in industry with management experience
  • Extensive practical experience with cutting-edge microbiology and molecular biology techniques
  • Prior experience with protein engineering strategies including rational protein design and directed evolution
  • Experience with high-throughput workflows and complex data sets
  • Background in heterologous protein expression
  • Specific experience with automated colony picking (QPix, Molecular Devices) and liquid handling is a plus
  • Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills in applicable areas
  • Demonstrated interpersonal communication and leadership skills

AbSci offers highly competitive salaries and benefits, including medical and dental insurance, paid time off, and 401(k) with a generous company match.

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